When you decide to submit a claim to the service provider who has given you one of the best Medicare supplement plans available, please remember that your approval is subject to your Medicare claim being passed by the relevant authorities. In other words, your supplement plan company cannot offer you any kind of reimbursement, unless the claim has been approved by the Original Medicare services. In practice what happens is that you do not have to submit two separate claims. All you have to do is ensure that relevant papers are submitted at the same time. Leaving out vital documents could only delay your payment unnecessarily.

Your Agent Could Help

Since your Medicare Supplement company will not pay a claim if your Medicare is not approved, you should wait to receive a notice that either your claim has been turned down or that there is some discrepancy that needs to be attended to. This is where an agent could help and sort things out for you so that your claim is settled without any delay. The agent from your supplement plan company should be in a position to give you options that you could take while filing such a claim. This would take the pressure off you and help you focus on more important things.

Track Your Claim

There are very few things today that cannot be monitored or tracked – your claim is no exception. As soon as you file a claim, you are given a serial or a docket number. This is exclusive to your application and helps you monitor the level to which the process is on, as far as your claim is considered. All you need to do is to log on to the website, Medicare.gov – this is an all-inclusive site that gives you details of your claim and also gives you tips on how to file a proper one. You can also get instructions on what to do if there are some glitches in your claim submission process. Once you write to them with a genuine complaint, you can expect answers quite soon. You can go through the entire website to understand the range of services that they offer to those who have to deal with varied insurance-related issues.

Please note that every person has the right to appeal to any decision that is given to you where your Medicare services are concerned. You could file an appeal and there are separate sections and guidelines on how to do this and make sure you get a prompt response.

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